Abstracts for Laurea CCO’s multistakeholder co-creation publication

Find below the link to the published abstract on the Bythos Living Lab article – full article to be published in Spring 2020.

Understanding the power of collective innovation has taken decades and challenges have been numerous, one of them above the others: How to convince the non-believers? “Show us evidence,” they demand. Therefore, the aim of this publication is to provide evidence and examples demonstrating how co-creation, open innovation and open science are more than new and unproven phenomena.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture publishes this collection of abstracts illustrating how multistakeholder co-creation materialises (Project “Co-creation Orchestration” (CCO)). The abstracts introduce how Laurea and its partners engaged in multistakeholder collaboration. The aim of this collection is to make apparent the benefits and challenges of co-creation, relevant skills and know-how, and best practices.

In order to ensure diversity and international view, Laurea invited, via the CCO webpage (www.ccco.laurea.fi) writers outside Laurea to send their abstracts. Hence, the second part of the collection consists of longer abstracts on Co-creation and Living Labs written by Laurea partners“.

Final papers will be published during the spring of 2020.