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Anchovy collagen

By |November 10, 2020|Biotech space|

European anchovy - Engraulis encrasicolus -constitute a major part of fish residues currently in need of 're-use' in Sicily to ensure zero waste. Above here is a photo of our marine collagen from anchovy bone residues! It is difficult to capture in a photo as [...]

BYTHOS co-creation with KIALAB – Value Creation company

By |July 23, 2020|Business space|

We are very proud to be collaborating with KIALAB -VALUE CREATION - our cosmetics formula development company from Gerenzano, Varese in the North of Italy.  Kialab develops innovative ingredients for personal care products and has a series of large clients in the cosmetics industry.   On Bythos, we are [...]

New economic report on the EU Fish processing sector – steady growth since 2010 but are we ready for a sea change in the re-use of residues?

By |July 20, 2020|Environment|

New EU report on the EU fish processing sector seems to be buoyant.  We need to make sure the large amount of residues from the industry don't go to waste! There are now a host of alternative approaches available [...]

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