On the 29th of June 2021, the Bythos biotechnologies laboratory on the Island of Lipari celebrated its launch during a short opening event.

Although participation was limited due to SARS-CoV-2 distancing measures, present at the event were representatives of the Italian project partners, including Prof. Vincenzo Arizza, coordinator of the project and the Mayor of Lipari, Marco Giorgianni.

The ceremony included a brief presentation of Bythos and snapshot videos of the extraction process which were filmed earlier this year.

In the photographs, Prof Vincenzo Arizza explains some of the functions of the lab to the Major of Lipari, the Director of the Research and Innovation Unit from ARPA Sicilia, Ignazio Cammalleri, and Rosanna Costa, also from ARPA Sicilia.

The opening event was a huge milestone for the Eolian Islands, as Prof. Arizza pointed out “a clear sign of innovation and sustainability for these extraordinary UNESCO Heritage sites”.

During the event, Dott. Cammalleri announced a new MoU between STEBICEF and ARPA Sicilia and also said he hoped that the Bythos Lab could become a focal point for ARPA Sicilia on the Aeolian islands as use of the laboratory would be extremely useful for the Environmental Agency during sampling campaigns.

This is the second agreement concerning the laboratory which the project has secured following an MoU with INGV – Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica a Vulcanologia, which has also expressed a desire to collaborate with the lab.

The new Italia-Malta Interreg project for Priority 3 – the environment – CORALLO, will also make full use of the lab, with Italian partners including STEBICEF, ARPA Sicilia, CoRiSSIA research consortium.