Bythos has started synergic collaboration with the ENI-CBC Project Helios – enHancing thE sociaL Inclusion Of neetS.

The Helios project is working with young people and women not engaged in education, employment or training (NEETs) to provide NEETs with skills that respond to the needs of key local economic sectors. In particular, the Helios project is working within the Blue and Circular Economy (BaCE) and will develop new curricular for training courses, provide soft skills coaching and mentoring and create e-learning tools for NEETs and women within the BaCE.

NEETs in the 6 Mediterranean Helios partner countries (Italy, Tunisia, Palestine, Spain, Jordan and Greece) often include graduates or other higher education students suffering from skills mismatching.

In contrast, Bythos is developing innovative biotech products to encourage growth and diversification within the human health and blue growth sectors.  We have developed a range of biotech products using organic residues from the fisheries sector of interest to the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and aquaculture sectors. Bythos provides training and advice to enterprises through biotech lab training and the development of tailored business plans in order to encourage uptake of these new biotech products.

Synergic action between the two projects could provide young biotechnologists with specific skills of interest to enterprise within the BaCE sectors and ensure that any company interested in diversifying will find skilled workers for the job.