We are very proud to be collaborating with KIALAB -VALUE CREATION – our cosmetics formula development company from Gerenzano, Varese in the North of Italy. 

Kialab develops innovative ingredients for personal care products and has a series of large clients in the cosmetics industry.   On Bythos, we are working together to make sure that the procedures and extraction solutions developed by STEBICEF and UNI MALTA researchers from local fish processing sector residues are suited to the cosmetics industry.  When we have tweaked the methods, Kialab will work on the efficacy and stability tests to create a ‘near to market’ cream or emulsion with Bythos collagen and other bioactive ingredients.  

The true value of a co-creation and a biotech living labs is when  researchers work together with industry. We have had several co-creation sessions to explore extraction solutions and reduce time needed/simplify methods. Definitely moving in the right direction.